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Hello All,
I am observing and reporting for the next several months as an un-official ambassador on Blizzard Island.
Who am I? Van Velsor, explorer, artist, bottle cap collector, visual entrepreneur,
ah, but I digress. You can call me Van. I am the lucky guest of the village Tinker, Snoozer.

How I got here is a story for another day. Snoozer is a Dragon and a Tinker, he is always busy creating something magically spectacular. He is also a great storyteller.
Oh, pigeons feet! I almost forgot the most important part... Blizzard Island is home for civilized Dragons. They live in a village. A mish mash of buildings and homes nestled in a valley on an enchanted, yet cursed, Blizzard Island. Whew…… That’s pretty important info.

I just set this site up with the help of a local Blizzard Islander, Jones, which would be Mr. Jones to you. Jones is my guide and overseer for the duration of my time here. He’s a big fellow, a bit scary, but, well-mannered, most of the time.

So, have a look around, Jones and I will be adding things as fast as we can. Meanwhile you can sign onto our friends list and we will update you on cool stuff.

Be sure to look for “The Origins of Blizzard Island” coming next month. Snoozer is giving me the scoop on this place and how it all came to be. This is the first time ever the Dragons of Blizzard Island are reaching out to the earthly realm and I can’t wait to find out why. Okay, I’m off to lunch, Jones made pickled Ox lips sandwiches…. Gulp….
Press your Thumbs! Van



Hand Crafted
Designed & Sculpted
by Van Velsor.

Shipped from:
Connecticut, USA

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